Did You Know?

  • Just like dogs, cats can get heartworms from mosquitoes. We highly recommend heartworm preventative in dogs AND cats. There are several options available.
  • Ticks are vectors for diseases that can affect humans and canine alike. Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever are just a few. Protect your pet AND your family by using preventative. A Lyme vaccine for canines is also available.
  • Parvovirus can stay in the environment up to 6 months. It is one of the many reasons your puppy should be well protected by getting its vaccine series. A follow-up with yearly boosters is then recommended.
  • There is no waiting to discuss bloodwork when evaluating your pet’s health for kidney disease, diabetes, or liver dysfunction. In 10 minutes our in-house chemistry machines will have your results ready. Our complete blood count (CBC) analyzer is just as fast!
  • Our surgery suite is equipped with a heated surgery table, EKG, and blood pressure monitor.
  • Our in-house ultrasound unit allows us to check anything from bladders to pregnancies to hearts
  • Our licensed veterinary technician (LVT), Shannon, is adept at placing endotracheal tubes in surgery patients that range from cats and dogs to snakes and turtles.
  • Microchips can be placed during your office visit, or while your pet is anesthetized for surgery.
  • You can download forms from this website to speed up the admitting process for your pet.  Please check out the "Forms" section to print and complete admitting forms prior to your arrival in order to make your visit faster and smoother.
  • If we cannot solve your pet's problem, Gloucester Veterinary Hospital works with many area board certified veterinary specialists who may.  We can refer your pet to them for specialty procedures such as cataract removal.
  • We can use a fine gauge needle to remove sample cells from a suspicious swelling or lump on your pet to determine if it cancerous or benign while you wait.